Iran to Boost Banking and Economic Ties with Germany

In a meeting with a delegation of German bankers, Komijani, the Vice Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) asked for improving Banking and economic co operations between Iran and Germany.

He assured Iran abides by its commitment under the agreement with the P 5 + 1. According to the CBI PR department, Komijani welcomed co operations between Iran and Germany and noted:

“EU companies endured damages in dealings with Iranian banks because of sanctions and banking ties are the pre-requisite for trade and economic relations between the two countries.”

Komijani pointed to the achievements of the Central Bank of Iran after implementation of JCPOA, including negotiations with insurance companies like Italian SACE, Austrian Okabe and Coface from France and the fulfillment of the commitments which have been postponed because of the sanctions:

“We are negotiating with the German Insurance Company, Hermes, and hope to reach agreements. Meanwhile dealing with the insurance companies could not be achieved without the support of French, Austrian, and Italian Authorities.”

During 36 years and in hard financial situations, Iran has always been punctual in the settlement of the obligations and even it has settled more than its present dues in a timely manner.” Said Komijani, asking for the support of German government in banking dealings.

European insurance companies resistance in cooperation with us is beyond our expectations“, Komijani added “P 5+ 1 is satisfied with Iran which would solidify its commitments in the agreement. However there is no mutual commitment on the part of the other side.

The role of Chamber of Economy and Industry of Bavaria in the German economy is so influential that The Central Bank of Iran asks for more relations and negotiations between the Iranian Banks such as Middle East Bank with the German delegates.” said Prosart, Head of the Chamber of Economy and Industry, as he demanded to solve the problems as soon as possible.

“We need to prevent the damages due to the fines set by the Americans” said Prosart,  Pointing that the sanctions are not the great concerns” I would use my influence in German government but the problems are time consuming and co operating with the small and average German banks would be the first priority.”

(Source: CBI)

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