Trump: Iran Deal “one of the Worst Things I’ve ever seen”

US Presidential candidate Donald Trump has told The Washington Post that he believes John Kerry’s deal with Iran “is one of the worst things that I’ve ever seen negotiated of any kind. It’s just a horrible giveaway.”

Refering to Iraq, and Iran’s influence on the country, Trump said:

“Yeah, I would defend the areas [of Iraq] with the oil.  And I would have taken out a lot of oil. And, uh, I would have kept it.

“I mean, I would have kept it, because, look: Iran has the oil, and they’re going to have the oil, well, the stuff they don’t have, because Iran is taking over Iraq as sure as you’re sitting there.

“And I’ve been very good on this stuff. My prognostications, my predictions have become, have been very accurate, if you look“.

(Source: The Washington Post)

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