Swiss President visits Iran

The Swiss President, Johann N. Schneider-Ammann, travelled to Iran on Friday accompanied by an economic and scientific delegation.

On Saturday, President Schneider-Ammann will meet with President Hassan Rouhani and numerous ministers and dignitaries. The main aim of the visit is to deepen and broaden the good relations between the two countries. Discussions will cover a range of topics including the rule of law, economic relations and international affairs.

The visit by President Schneider-Ammann is intended to provide fresh impetus to dialogues between Switzerland and Iran in a number of areas: these include human rights, justice and regional security; a dialogue on migration matters is already in progress. Other topics on the agenda during the presidential visit include closer cooperation in education, research and innovation.

To promote economic relations, in-depth dialogues should be launched on economic and financial issues, aimed in particular at establishing strong framework conditions. Talks will also touch on Iran’s desire to join the World Trade Organization (WTO). International affairs and cooperation in international organisations will also be on the agenda.

Aside from the numerous meetings, the president will deliver an economic policy themed speech on Sunday morning in front of students and faculty members at the University of Teheran. Along with the official delegation, the president will also be accompanied by a 40-strong business delegation.

(Source: Office of the Swiss President)

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