Over 200 Foreign Investors Active in Iran Capital Market

The number of foreign shareholders in the capital market of Iran is now more than 200, the Managing Director of the Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI) has said.

Last month 9 natural shareholders from Romania, Russia, South Africa, Italy, Britain (2 people), Kuwait, Pakistan, and Afghanistan received their codes to be active in the capital market, Mohammad Reza Mohseni (pictured) said.

For the first time, 12 legal firms received their codes from CSDI last month which shows foreign companies are rushing to enter the capital market of Iran, he added.

As to the transactions of foreign investors in the capital market, he stated that statistics show that the activity of foreign investors has increased during the last two months as the value of transactions at the end of December this year was 42 billion and 167 million rials, but after the implementation of JCPOA we saw over 12-fold growth in purchasing foreign shareholders in the capital market.

In January, foreign investors’ purchased value was 381 billion and 395 million rials, but last month the figure exceeded 511 billion and 863 billion rials, showing an increase in the activity of foreign investors in the capital market, he continued.

According to Mohseni, a German company received the first code in November 1994  and so far 542 codes have been issued for foreign stakeholders in this market.

Right now investors from America, Britain, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Romania, Uzbekistan, China, Netherlands, India, Turkey, Lebanon, South Africa, Japan, Cyprus, Italy, UAE, Norway, Greece, Indonesia, Maldives, Hong Kong, Qatar, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Luxembourg, Kuwait, New Zealand, Malaysia and Afghanistan are active in the market; the list also includes 33 Iranian investors living abroad, he noted.

(Source: MEFA)

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