Boeing ‘Can Still Win Orders’ in Iran

By John Lee.

Iran Air is reportedly open to buying aircraft from Boeing, even after placing a $27-billion order for 118 planes from Airbus.

Company CEO Farhad Parvaresh told Bloomberg Business:

“[Boeing is] lagging behind a bit …

“We always thought the 737 for the domestic market is a good option, but they have a rival with the A320 …

“We just signed a big agreement on that, but this doesn’t prevent us from also signing an agreement with Boeing on some of their products.”

Iran Air currently serves 27 domestic and 29 international routes, and  is likely to need more aircraft as it expands.

It plans to eventually list on the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), but Parvaresh said it must be in a “suitable condition” first and has set no timescale.

(Source: Bloomberg Business)

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