How one Messaging App is Changing Iranian Media

In addition, there are those who are pursuing a specific political, economic or personal agenda and therefore broadcast their news stories accordingly.” The staggering speed of the spread of news and rumors on Telegram has caused serious challenges for licensed media outlets.

Mohammad Mehdi Rahimi, political and foreign policy editor of Mehr News Agency, told Al-Monitor, “Telegram users are not looking for in-depth topics and prefer to review things by using simple language without any complexities and in a limited number of words. This means that the spread of Telegram will also affect the official media, because the media — whose main task is to attract audiences — will lose their audience.

An example of this can be seen in the recent ranking of Iranian news sites by web analytics firm Alexa.” Ultimately, the impact of Telegram on Iran’s media landscape can be more influential than most people can imagine.”

He added, “An environment like this will prompt official media outlets to move toward the interests of the audience in order to attract more people, thereby showing further interest in channels such as Telegram. This is a cause for further problems such as imposing limitations on word count, lack of precision in preparing stories, preferring speed over accuracy and so on. All of this goes against the main responsibilities of the professional media and journalism.”

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