Iran Business Seminar in Scotland

Race to Capture the Iranian Market

With sanctions on Iran lifted, Western companies are rushing to Tehran as President Rouhani promises the “opening of the country’s economy to the world”.

At an event to be hosted by Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce on Friday, representatives from the British Iranian Chamber of Commerce (BICC) will give an introduction to the country, its domestic politics and its economy as well as their view of post-sanction opportunities.

Sir Richard Dalton sketches the political background behind the delicate nature of regional and international politics, as well as projected growth and priorities for the national government. He also outlines prospects in Iran for the UK’s oil & gas supply chain and why UK suppliers should be planning for business in the country now.

George Booth of Pinsent Masons looks at the legal environment for anyone considering doing business in Iran. He will include a review of the sanctions rules, and of the investment and tax landscape, together with information on the types of legal questions clients frequently ask.

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(Source: Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce)

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