Video: Who Benefits from Iran’s Business Boom?

It has been less than two weeks since international sanctions were lifted on Iran.

And President Hassan Rouhani has wasted no time in seizing new opportunities, embarking on a trip to Europe in which he’s signed billions of dollars worth of new business for Iran.

As leader of a country that’s been isolated for so long, Rouhani probably knows the importance of a charm offensive.

And this trip, in which he’s met French and Italian leaders, as well as the Pope, is also about restoring Iran’s image and position in the world.

Rouhani says the visit marks a “new spring” in relations with Europe.

With European nations ready to cash in on Iran’s return to the global economy, will money help restore Iran’s position in the world?

And who stands to benefit from Iran opening up?


  • Jane Dutton


  • Luciano Zaccara – Research coordinator in Gulf politics in the Gulf Studies Center at Qatar University
  • Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi – Research analyst at Royal United Services Institute. Aniseh is a specialist on EU policy and Iran
  • Shahriar Shahabi – Iranian business strategist

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