Iran signs Deal with Biggest EU Pharma

French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi and the Iran Food and Drug Administration, affiliated to the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran, have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) to start discussions in order to explore the possibilities in which Sanofi may lend its know-how and expertise to benefit the citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Serge Weinberg (pictured), Chairman of Sanofi’s Board of Directors, said:

“Sanofi has built a long term presence in Iran and, as the n°1 multinational healthcare company in this country, is committed to delivering both innovative and well established healthcare solutions to citizens of Iran.

With this cooperation, we will consider the possibility to increase our footprint in Iran, where we have been operating for more than 10 years, and reinforce our ongoing industrial collaborations.”

The Memorandum addresses three areas of discussion and potential collaboration:

  1. Sanofi will study ways in which it could potentially further develop its current partnerships with reputable Iranian manufacturers to enhance the sharing of its expertise in industrial quality standards and to increase the transfer of its pharmaceutical production technology and know-how to manufacture high quality pharmaceutical products in several fields of chronic and non-communicable diseases to reputable and reliable Iranian manufacturers.
  2. Sanofi will collaborate with the Ministry of Health on programs for the prevention and control of certain chronic and non-communicable diseases and on managing related risk factors, notably diabetes.
  3. The third area will be on evaluating possible collaborations to improve the availability of accurate, reliable, and meaningful epidemiological studies and registries. Both Sanofi and Ministry of Health agree that these are critical to permit policy makers to create and shape effective and socially impactful policies in the health sector. Therefore, Sanofi will explore the possibilities and feasibility of engaging the Iranian scientific society to work in these areas, and obtain and make available to the Ministry of Health Sanofi’s extensive knowledge in epidemiological studies and registries on both national and international scales to help policy makers to address the chronic and non-communicable diseases areas such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, multiple sclerosis and rare diseases.

All evaluations will be done in accordance with applicable laws, including trade restriction rules.

(Source: Sanofi)

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