Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between Iran and China

9-Both sides express their agreements  to enhancing investment and trade exchanges and promote tangible cooperation in the areas of economy, banking, mutual investment, financing, mining, transportation, communications, space, manufacturing industries, developing of ports, upgrading and expansion of railway networks, express railway systems, agriculture, water resources, protection of environment, food security, fighting desertification, water desalination, use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and renewable energies, based on the bilateral “MOU on Strengthening of Investment Cooperation” and cooperating in the exchange of know-how  and technology as well as in  human resource training .

10- The Chinese side appreciates Iran’s participation as a “Founding Member” of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank. Both sides are willing to strengthen their cooperation in the relevant areas and join their efforts towards the progress and prosperity of Asia.

C- Human and Cultural Domain

11- In view of their historical commonalities and existence of numerous capacities in human fields, both sides agree with a leading role for their bilateral Joint Cultural Committee and upgrading the level of their cultural cooperation. In this regard, they will encourage their citizens to visit each other’s countries and strengthen cooperation in the fields of tourism, health, youth, and sports. They will also enhance their press and public diplomacy exchanges and increase cooperation between their media as well as the mutual visits by their media delegations. Also, through enhancement of dialog and human exchanges and expansion of communications between their Non-Governmental Organizations in various forms, they will pave the way for mutual understanding and friendship between the two Nations. Both sides shall study the possibility of mutually designating cultural years and shall continue their consultations regarding establishing their cultural centers and provision of necessary facilitation in this regard. Also, by enhancing their consular mechanisms and cooperation, both sides emphasize the provision of necessary support and facilitation to each other’s citizens in their countries.

12- Both sides shall enhance their cooperation in the fields of academic and higher education, exchange of professors and students, scientific cooperation and transfer of new technologies and execution of joint projects.

D- Judiciary, Security and Defense Domain

13- Both sides shall enhance their judicial cooperation in all fields and through exchanging high-ranking delegations and specialized cooperation as well as the Extradition Treaty, and the Agreements on Mutual Judicial Assistance in Criminal Affairs and Mutual Judicial Assistance in Civil and Commercial Affairs they shall strengthen their consultations and cooperation.

14- Both sides recognize terrorism, extremism and separatism as threats against all humanity and the global peace and stability. Emphasizing the necessity for firm and integrated determination of the international community in fighting the three evil forces, they express their readiness to discuss pragmatic cooperation and policies in this regard. They recognize the UN resolution of “World Against Violence and Extremism” (WAVE) proposed by the Iranian President, H.E. Mr. Hassan Rouhani, as an appropriate framework to attain such goals.

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