President Welcomes Foreign Investment

By John Lee.

President Rouhani has described the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as a special and historic day in the political and economic history of Iran and said:

After 12 years … we have reached a landmark where our nuclear program is not a tool for sanction and pressure from the side of enemies, but rather a new chapter in developing scientific, technological, trade, and economic relations.

“From today on, our traders and entrepreneurs can start their trade and export activities through legal and normal channels with more facilities.

“Moreover, our banks can receive their needed monetary and banking services from banks from around the world and provide the people with them.

“From today on, purchasing modern airplanes can be done by companies that want to provide people with services; this can result in more aerial safety for the great people of Iran.

“From today on, the frozen assets which belong to the Iranian nation will be free to access for economic activities.

“… the country is now ready to welcome entrepreneurs. We need to activate the private sector and involve it in investment to achieve economic growth.

He also urged the private sector to attract foreign capital and said:

“Our economy is stable and the government has proved that it will fulfil its economic commitments”.

President also talked about the existing 3 per cent economic growth during the current year which is going to come to an end and said that prospects for next years economic growth is 5 per cent.

He referred to 150 companies from 50 countries coming to Iran in the recent months and said:

“The Government and the private sector should join hands to attract more capital which is to the benefit of the country and creates jobs for the youth”.

(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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