Airbus Targets Iranian Jet Market

By John Lee.

The head of Airbus’s passenger jet unit has told the Financial Times that the company is poised to re-enter the Iranian aircraft market when sanctions are lifted.

Fabrice Brégier (pictured) said:

“We have made some contacts … This is potentially a huge market for Airbus and our competitors.

“We are dependent on the resolution of the international negotiations … [After that] we would have no reason not to consider Iranian airlines as a normal customer like the rest of the world. We are very strict at applying all the international rules and regulations.”

He added that under the existing sanctions regime both Airbus and Boeing have been allowedto provide spare parts and safety manuals to Iran’s ageing fleet, which was on average 25 years old.

“We have contacts to support this fleet and we try to understand better what would be the requirements of these customers in the future”.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Abbas Akhoundi, has said that Iran could not afford the estimated cost of $50 billion for new aircraft, and might consider leasing the jets.

PressTV recently reported that Iran needs about 600 planes over the next 10 years.

(Source: the Financial Times)

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