Russia’s Rostec To Enter the Iranian Market

By John Lee.

Russian state company Rostec has held talks in Tehran with a view to building technology-based partnerships with Iranian industrial companies.

Products involved include Russian-built rotorcraft and aircraft engines, automated control systems and high-tech optical products.

The Chief Executive Officer of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, said:

“The Iranian market is one of the most promising markets to us from a trade and industrial perspective. While we used to develop military cooperation between our nations in the past, now we are anxious and prepared to offer broad-ranging projects in civilian areas.

“And here we go beyond the mere supply of our equipment. We are ready to raise with Iranian companies the prospects of localized manufacturing and fully-fledged service support of our equipment and also of large infrastructure projects that are often out of reach of industrial manufacturers. Such cooperation will prepare the ground for long-term cooperation between the two nations.”

(Source: Rostec)

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