The First Gathering of Iran’s e-Business Leaders

The First Gathering of Iran’s e-Business Leaders brought together top Iranian e-Business community members including Iranian Information Technology Organization, E-Business Consortium (Founded by, Digikala, BeepTunes, Netbarg, Aparat, Akhbar Rasmi Media Agency, Anetwork Digital Media Agency, Esam,, Lavan and other high-profile figures in the field of Iran’s e-Business.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Khosro Saljooghi, entrepreneur and member of the Board of Directors of the Information Technology Organization, expressed delight over the holding of this event, saying, “The event is being held with a look to e-entrepreneurship and e-business, and given the need felt in our country for employment and entrepreneurship for the youth and university graduates, the initiative is a good one which is in its initial steps.”

Afterwards, Mohammad Sadegh Maleki, the secretary of the Iranian e-Business Consortium (, elaborated on the objectives behind the formation of the consortium as a private-sector initiative. He also stressed the need to support and lead the young people interested in e-Business by linking them to prominent leaders in the field as well as the necessity of giving them the right training and support.

“At the end of the ceremony, the Golden Trophy will be conferred upon those who are leading figures in the e-Business industry. These people are successful, and can motivate the youth to enter this domain. The trophy will be awarded to top e-Businesses based on their market share and the volume of sales,” he said.

“E-Act training course on e-Business is now ready to be offered after three years of study and research on the performance of major e-Businesses in Iran.” He added, “Those interested can sign up for the course through the consortium’s website at”

Hamidreza Mohammadi, the managing director of Digikala, one of the most successful online retailers in the Middle East, said he still thinks Digikala is not a successful enough business. He said, “We have numerous opportunities ahead of us to grow more in Iran, and we must plan for it. This is just the beginning.”

Afterwards, Majid Kasiri, the founder and CEO of Akhbar Rasmi Media Agency, touched upon the importance of public relations and content marketing in success of an e-Business, saying, “One of the key elements to the success of an e-Business is to make long-term relationship with the audience through many new online channels as well as public relations efforts.”

The event also featured three panels dedicated to challenging discussions: Introducing successful e-Businesses, a review of problems and obstacles to launching e-businesses in Iran, and a panel titled: How to find ideas and create opportunities.

At the concluding ceremony, the Golden Trophies for e-Business were conferred upon Digikala, Netbarg, Aparat, Pardakht Logistics, BeepTunes, Esam, Lavan and Anetwork.

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