Shahr-e-Rey Power Plant to be Modernised

During a visit this week to Shahr-e-Rey, south of Tehran, President Rouhani said that 4,320bn rials ($140 million) has been allocated for 12 major projects in agriculture, industry, water and waste water, sports, and the environment, all to be completed withing the next two years.

While opening the 7th Tehran water treatment plant (WTP), Dr Rouhani told reporters of his plans to modernise the Shahr-e-Rey power plant.

300bn rials has been allocated for education in the Shahr-e-Rey region, and 5 new sports centres will be built.

On watering modernisation plan, Dr Rouhani added: “Thanks to WTPs, sewage will be refined ad guided towards farmlands”.

(Source: Office of the Iranian President)

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