Iran, Russia extend Cooperation in Bushehr Nuclear Plant

By John Lee.

Mehr News Agency reports that Russia and Iran have agreed to continue cooperation in providing technical services for the Bushehr nuclear power plant, with emphasis on providing technical support for the “first power unit safe use.

At the latest sitting of the joint economic cooperation commission of Iran and Russia on Wednesday in Moscow, the two countries also signed a contract to build the second line of the Bushehr NPP with construction of two nuclear power units with possible expansion to four.

The two side also signed contracts for more cooperation on peaceful nuclear energy, between Russian Atomstroyexport corporation and Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI).

After President Putin’s visit to Tehran in early November, the two countries selected 35 priority projects in energy, port facilities and railway electrification and devised a package of projects that are collectively worth $35 billion to $40 billion.

(Source: Mehr News Agency)

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