German Firm Wins Gas Safety Contract in Iran

Describing details of the new Iran-Germany gas contract, the National Iranian Gas Company’s HSE director said Iran will have the world’s most secure gas industry with German partnership.

Mohammad Reza Yousefipour said:

During the past year, numerous talks have been conducted with companies from France, Germany, Australia and Britain.

“After months of talks, the proposal submitted by [Germany’s Institute Bruno Schmaeling (IBS) Consulting Group] was found to have a higher quality leading to the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Germany’s IBS company.

“The signed agreement will be implemented in three phases in 36 months adopting new health, safety and environment policies in Iran’s gas industry … in other words, full implementation of the project by the German side will minimize the rate of accidents in the gas industry.”

He went on to say that the German company had previously quoted a higher price for the project but they “changed their attitude” after visiting Iran’s gas infrastructure, adding:

“Enhancing the quality and security of gas systems and equipment in addition to training personnel to follow the latest HSE standards will approximately cost four to five million dollars …

“We intend to turn Iran’s gas industry into the world’s most secure gas industry in order to compete with international gas giants.”

(Source: Mehr News Agency)

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