Iran Targets $60bn Trade with Turkmenistan

President Rouhani and his Turkmen counterpart President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow held a joint meeting in Tehran and described Tehran-Ashgabat ties amicable, stressing the need to design a long-term cooperation plan.

Pointing out that the two countries enjoy historic ties with each other, President Rouhani said:

“Tehran-Ashgabat relations have always been amicable and are deepening to the benefit of the two nations; we need to develop the level of these ties more than before.

“We are determined to boost trade exchange to $60bn in 10 years, as well as having multi-lateral cooperation.

“Without a doubt, long-term planning for developing ties is of high importance and Iran is ready to act on this issue.”

Tehran and Ashgabat can expand cooperation on issues such as energy, natural gas, transportation, better use of Caspian Sea, industry, automobile manufacturing, small industries, agriculture, and culture, said Dr Rouhani.

On regional issues, Rouhani said: “Iran and Turkmenistan can cooperate more on regional issues such as fighting with terrorism, narcotics, and organised crimes with each other”.

He also considered preparing a comprehensive document for long-term cooperation by the Foreign Ministries of both countries as necessary.

In this meeting, President Berdimuhamedow said: “We are determined to take practical steps towards developing and cementing ties between the two countries”.

He continued: “Iran-Ashgabat ties have been special in recent years, being developed in all areas”.

Speaking about the cooperation in natural gas and energy, he added: “Turkmenistan is determined to sell its natural gas and energy resources to the global markets and Tehran and Ashgabat can sldo cooperate in this area”.

Our goal is to develop the east-to-west route so that we can connect to the Persian Gulf through Iran” said the President of Turkmenistan.

(Source: Office of the Iranian President)

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