China Proposes High-Speed Rail Link to Iran

The Chief Engineer of China Railway Corporation has proposed a ‘Silk Road’ high-speed railway connecting China to West Asia via Central Asia, through to Tehran.

Fars News Agency reports that He Huawu’s proposed route was from China’s Urumqi and Yining to Almaty in Kazakhstan, then to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, Tashkent and Samarkand in Uzbekistan, Ashgabat in Turkmenistan and finally blending into West Asia’s network through Tehran, Iran.

Quartz reports that the 2000-mile route, put forward last week at a meeting of the China Civil Engineering Society, would take advantage of the easing of global sanctions against Iran, while also bringing Iran closer to China’s widening economic orbit.

The trains would run at up to 300 km per hour (185 miles per hour) for passenger trains, and 120 km/h for freight trains.

(Source: Iran Daily, Quartz)

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