Iran Khodro to Increase Production in Iraq

By John Lee.

Iran’s main car manufacturer is set to raise its production level in Iraq by producing 3,000 vehicles per month.

Iran Khodro (IKCO)‘s  Deputy CEO for Export, Saeed Tafazzoli, said its Iraqi partner had decided to allocate most parts of its production lines to IKCO’s vehicles.

IKCO’s rivals have failed to grab the attentions of Iraqi people over the past years and that’s why Iraq’s Iskandariya site has decided to lower their production levels and allocate most of its production lines to IKCO’s vehicles,” he said.

Tafazzoli noted that for the time being, Samand (pictured), Peugeot Pars and Peugeot 405 are among the main Iranian vehicles being produced in Iraq and Arisan would be added to the list in the near future.

(Source: IKCO)

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