NSC Opens Office to Oversee Iran Deal Implementation

By Laura Rozen, for Al-Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iran Business News.

The US National Security Council is joining the State Department in establishing a new office to oversee implementation of the Iran nuclear deal, to be headed by NSC Director for Nonproliferation Paul Irwin, a veteran of the US nuclear negotiating team, US officials tell Al-Monitor.

The new directorate signals the White House plans to play a lead role in the critical implementation phase of the landmark nuclear deal. It comes as the Obama administration has also tapped several veterans of the US-Iran nuclear negotiating team to play a continued role interacting with the Iranians on implementation issues.

Among them, State Department senior arms control adviser James Timbie, and top State Department Iran sanctions coordinator Christopher Backemeyer, who, along with Irwin, were key members of the US team with firsthand experience negotiating the deal with the Iranians.

“The NSC is standing up a new directorate which will be focused on the implementation of the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action]” a senior US administration official told Al-Monitor in response to a query.

“Successful implementation of the JCPOA is one of the president’s top priorities and the new directorate will ensure continued focus on the issue,” the official said. “The new Implementation Directorate will be coordinating and working closely with Ambassador [Stephen] Mull’s team at the State Department.”

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