Iran Demands Rights to Helmand Water

One of our main demands in our negotiations with Afghanistan is Iran’s right to the Helmand water“, says Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (pictured).

Following the 1857 separation of Afghanistan from mainland Iran, the then Afghan government refused to allow the Iranian side to enjoy its water right from the Helmand river.

Helmand water rights have since been a main issue of contention between Iran and Afghanistan, especially in recent decades and it tends to be one of the main political, social and environmental problems between Tehran and Kabul.

Answering a question raised by Hossein-Ali Shahriari, Zahedans Representative, on Irans Helmand water right, Zarif said that the recognition of Irans rights is an integral part of our cooperation with Afghanistan.

We have constantly raised the issue of Irans Helmand water right with the Afghan officials, Zarif said at the parliaments open session.

Irans foreign ministry maintains that the issue of Irans water rights in the Helmand and Hari rivers as well as the Lake Hamun should be top on Iran and Afghanistan agenda, Zarif said.

The foreign ministry feels responsible to support the rights of the Iranian people especially those who are living in the border cities who make sacrifices to defend the sovereignty of the nation and maintain the security of the country, he said.

(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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