Rouhani Outlines Plans for Growth

On providing people’s needs and goods, President Rouhani announced the government’s 20-percent allocation of new resources for those who want to get married and need home appliances.

The President also said that economic managers and foreign companies have been required to increase their capital and technological cooperation with Iran. He continued: “One of our conditions for foreign entrepreneurs’ activities in Iran, is that we give them a part of our domestic market, in return for having a part of regional and international market”.

Rouhani also said that the way for our country to be impenetrable against the world powers is to achieve power and authority with an environment in which there is enough economic security.

He called on for more help and support from the Legislative and Judicial branches in a serious fight against corruption.

“In the beginning, I vowed to have constructive interaction with the world, save the economy, and revive and restore morality in the country and I am still keeping these 3 promises” said President Rouhani.

He added: “My message to the countries of the region is ‘cooperation for stability, development, and economic growth’”.

President also assured the people to keep to his policies in the plan of Health Sector Evolution and food safety.

(Source: Office of the President)

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