Rouhani Outlines Plans for Growth

Noting that the oil income of the country has been anticipated to be $25bn which is the least income during the past 10 years, he said that the government could manage the economy by proper planning and with people’s help.

Saying that next year will be characterized by the lift of sanctions and country’s resources becoming liberated, President said: “We will have a much better condition next year and that is why the world is rushing towards Iran”.

“My message to the people of Iran is that they should get ready for a jump-start in production and economic boom” added Dr Rouhani.

On the continuation of the government’s recession-fighting policies, Rouhani said: “Sanctions will be lifted and we will witness its effects on our economy. Right now, we need a package to boost the economy”.

He also talked about banking system and the Central Bank granting concessions to the banks which work by the rules and, therefore, decreasing the interest rates which can eventually lead to the desired economic boom. Rouhani continued by noting that $2.3bn has been allocated for construction plans and SMEs.

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