Rouhani Outlines Plans for Growth

“One of the important points in the nuclear negotiations was economic issues, not from a viewpoint that what is the process of economy in the country, but because economy and sanctions were the enemy’s trick to put pressure on the Iranian people” added President.

Speaking about the big powers’ first experience in sanctions related to baking system, Rouhani said that when they felt that the Iranian economy was solely based on oil and its money coming the country through the banking system, they put pressure on us.

He also pointed out that two years ago the country’s inflation rate was above 40 percent and said: “The government’s aim was to take away the tool of sanctions from the other side’s hands and we did this by sending a counter-message that we can bring order to our economy and come out of recession”.

“We announced that we can lower the inflation rate to 25 percent by the end of the previous year but, at the end of the day, we could decrease it to 15 percent and right now this process is continuing” added Dr Rouhani, saying that this would be the government’s constant path.

He also said: “As the Supreme Leader said earlier, we should properly implement the Resistive Economy plan and disappoint the enemy to the point that they feel that sanctions are not working”.

“Affluent countries which were a part of the conspiracy of lowering the price of oil, had to expend their resources. This means that they confronted with some problems but here in Iran we could keep on decreasing the inflation rate” continued Rouhani.

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