Iranians to buy through Amazon, eBay

The Managing Director of the Iran Post Company has announced a major new initiative that will allow Iranians to shop online from major international retailers.

Hossein Mehri (pictured) told Fars news agency:

“From now on, Iranian citizens can directly buy from Amazon and eBay international retail sites (abroad) and receive their goods in Iran.

“In our cooperation with eBay and Amazon, an intermediary company has been selected because of sanctions in order to change the dollar into the rial which will also receive post and customs expenses.

The company has also reportedly started negotiations with post service providers, courier companies and online retailers such as Digikala, Iran’s biggest online store, to deliver packages, and make package deliveries from Iran to foreign countries possible.

In July, Mehri said his company had signed Memorandums of Understanding with logistics firm DHL, owned by Germany’s Deutsche Post, and Dutch package delivery firm TNT Express.

(Source: PressTV)

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