Iran Insures Foreign Investors Against Non-Economic Risks

The President of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran says that any foreign investor wishing to enter the country will be fully insured against all non-economic risks by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

At the first international conference on Investment Opportunities in Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, Mohammad Khazaei (pictured) said:

One of the most important questions of foreign investors is that if they sign a contract to enter Iran and then a change occurs in the country what would happen to this agreement.

“In response, we officially announce that from beginning to end, the agreement will be insured against all non-economic risks by the government.

He said that according to the existing laws in Iran, foreign investors can fully invest in a project, adding:

“The law, which is applicable in different frameworks and methods and can facilitate the entry of foreign investors, will be implemented by the government to create business environment  for investors.

“In Rouhani’s administration, economic development policies are based on the participation of domestic and foreign investors and we hope in the form of such programs, the volume of investment entered the country increase.”

Pointing to the sixth development plan, Khazaei said:

“In the plan, six articles are dedicated to the development of transport, emphasizing the economic development in the areas of air, sea, road and rail.

“For developing countries in these sectors, there is definitely a need for private investment.

“For example, implementation of Phase III, IV and V of Shahid Rajai Port will not be possible but with the participation of domestic and foreign private sectors.

“Also Iran’s aviation industry which needs $20 billion investment will be certainly a good area for the investors.”

Iran’s Deputy Minister of Economy said that in the coming years the country will need 10 thousand kilometers of freeways, stressing: “We have counted on investors to build these freeways.

(Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance)

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