Linde Group Eyes Return to Iran

By John Lee.

The Chief Executive Officer of Germany’s Linde Group has said Iran’s petrochemical industry is in an ‘acceptable’ state, but needs to be upgraded in some areas.

In an interview with Shana, Wolfgang Buchele (pictured) told Shana during a Tehran visit in July.

“We learned today there is an intention of the Ministry of Oil to devote substantial investment funds into future development of the petrochemical industry, and we definitely want to be part of that and we want to cooperate with the various interested parties in the way we did prior to the sanctions gains forward.

“We are looking back to the situation we had in the past, so as soon as the sanctions allow and as soon as it is legally possible, we want to establish a legal entity in Iran and come back.”

Linde was active in Iran for a long time prior to the sanctions, and left the country in 2010.

(Source: Shana)

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