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JCPOA Allows Sales of Aircraft to Iran: US Spokesman

US State Department Spokesman John Kirby said a lasting nuclear deal, also known as JCPOA, between Tehran and six world powers allows Western aviation companies to sell “aircraft and associated parts and services” to Iran. “…I would remind you that under the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – a lasting nuclear deal between Iran […]

Iran Claims Historic Deal to buy Boeing Planes

By John Lee. Iran’s Minister for Roads and Urban Development, Abbas Akhoundi (pictured), told the FARS news agency that Iran has reached a deal to buy passenger aircraft from U.S. plane maker Boeing. The New York Times says that such an agreement would potentially be worth many billions of dollars to Boeing, and be the […]

Iran Air in Talks with Boeing over Aircraft Deal

The chief executive officer (CEO) of Iran Air said the Islamic Republic’s national flag carrier is in talks with global aviation giant Boeing over a historic aircraft purchase. “Meetings and negotiations are going on. We hope that in the future we can reach an understanding with each other,” Farhad Parvaresh told Reuters. “The number and […]

Boeing may sell to Iran in Euros

By John Lee. An executive from Boeing has suggested that Iranian airlines could purchase Boeing airliners in euros rather than dollars. Marty Bentrott, Boeing’s vice-president for Middle East sales, told reporters: “There is some very positive interest.” According to Gulf News, the company has been talking with “more than” two Iranian carriers, including flag airline […]

Boeing Pressed Not to Sell Aircraft to Iran

Three US Republican lawmakers have written a letter to Boeing urging the company not to sell aircraft to Iran. Accusing Iran of sponsoring terrorism, the Illinois Republicans wrote to Boeing’s Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg and claimed that such commercial transactions would effectively subsidize Iran, The Hill reported. The letter is signed by Reps. Peter […]

Sepehran Airlines gets first Boeing B737-300

By John Lee. Sepehran Airlines, based in Shiraz, has added its first Boeing B737-300 to its fleet. The ex-xpressair jet arrived Shiraz last week, according to a report from ch-aviation. It joins three B737-500s and one Do328-300. (Source: ch-aviation)

Airbus in Talks with Tehran to Produce Components

Iran could begin making parts for Airbus Group SE aircraft under plans being discussed following January’s historic agreement to purchase 118 jetliners from the European manufacturer. Airbus’s Middle East office said the company is evaluating areas of industrial cooperation with Iran that may include component production and maintenance and overhaul work, Bloomberg reported. Iran developed […]

Why Boeing kept Iran Dealings Under the Radar

By Saam Borhani, for Al-Monitor. Any opinions expressed are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iran Business News. Barely a week after the Jan. 16 lifting of nuclear-related sanctions on Iran, Tehran hosted its first international business summit in years. The event, sponsored by the Centre for Aviation (CAPA), brought together 400 executives […]

Boeing ‘Can Still Win Orders’ in Iran

By John Lee. Iran Air is reportedly open to buying aircraft from Boeing, even after placing a $27-billion order for 118 planes from Airbus. Company CEO Farhad Parvaresh told Bloomberg Business: “[Boeing is] lagging behind a bit … “We always thought the 737 for the domestic market is a good option, but they have a rival […]

Iran to Buy 114 Airbus Jets

By John Lee. Iran has agreed to buy 114 Airbus aircraft for state carrier Iran Air. According to Bloomberg Business, the deal includes a mix of new and used jets from the A320 family, and the out-of-production A340s, with first deliveries expected in July. Reuters says that the deal could be worth more than $10 […]

Airbus Targets Iranian Jet Market

By John Lee. The head of Airbus’s passenger jet unit has told the Financial Times that the company is poised to re-enter the Iranian aircraft market when sanctions are lifted. Fabrice Brégier (pictured) said: “We have made some contacts … This is potentially a huge market for Airbus and our competitors. “We are dependent on the […]

Iran Needs up to 400 New Planes

By John Lee. Iran’s Transport Minister, Abbas Akhoundi (pictured), has estimated that the country could need 400 new planes. According to the report from CNN, Airbus and Boeing are in negotiations to rebuild the Iranian air fleet. Mohammad Khodakarami, director of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization, said: “We have an active fleet of only 150 and […]

Winners and Losers if Sanctions Lifted

By John Lee. An analysis by Fortune magazine lists the expected winners and losers from a lifting of sanctions on Iran. Winners EU automakers: Companies such as Germany’s Mercedes-Benz, and Peugeot and Renault of France, are identified as being well positioned to take advantage of Iran’s large market. Oil services companies: Iran says it needs […]