Iranians see Trump as Dangerous – but to Iran or the US?

But how can one consider Trump the better option when he continually attacks the JCPOA? In his speech at the Republican convention July 21, he described the agreement as one of the worst deals in US history. Can Trump really dismantle the landmark accord with Iran? In June, the White House emphasized that no one — including a potential President Trump — will have the power to tear up the nuclear deal.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reaffirmed this position while attending a session of the French Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed Forces in June and said that the JCPOA was not an agreement between Iran and the United States alone.

In an interview with Iran’s Khabar Online in September, Mohammad Reza Takhshid, dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Tehran University, said, “Of course, we should differentiate between the comments these candidates make during the primary and final rounds [of the elections] and when they enter the White House. Some of these remarks should not be taken too seriously. But it is obvious that Trump is an unpredictable person, and this unpredictability can be to both Iran’s advantage and disadvantage. This is while Clinton will remain committed to Obama’s legacy on Iran, although she might impose new sanctions against Tehran over its missiles or human rights. But these sanctions will not be so much as to make Iran forgo the JCPOA. I also believe that Clinton will do everything in her power to maintain the JCPOA.”

There is a wide range of opinions in Iranian society about what may lie ahead. Following the first presidential debate, Khabar Online asked its readers to express their views. One user identified as “Iman” wrote, “I hope Trump will become US president. The anti-Iran sanctions were designed by Clinton and [the Islamic State] was created by Clinton and the Democrats to maintain the regional balance of power. On the other hand, the Republicans brought the downfall of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban. They also put more pressure on Saudi Arabia. Choosing Trump as president will engage the United States and Americans in an internal fight for four years.”

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