How US Cash Payments Story Played Out in Iran

In January, Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, said that the release of the prisoners was the result of parallel negotiations and coincidentally was agreed to at the same time as the implementation of the nuclear deal.

On the settlement over the sales of arms, Zarif said it was possible that if Iran did not use this opportunity to resolve the dispute, it could have dragged on much longer. He added that this has been an issue that has remained unresolved for 37 years.

The previous government of Iran, under the leadership of Mohammad Reza Shah, who had good relations with the United States and the West, gave $400 million to the United States for the purchase of fighter jets.

However, after the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the attack on the US Embassy in Tehran, which resulted in the taking of US hostages for over a year, relations between the two countries were severed and the arms were never shipped to Iran.

Unlike in the United States, the $1.7 billion payment is basically a non-story in Iran. Instead, the bulk of recent media coverage has been about the domestic politicization of the payment in the United States.

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