Iran-Boeing deal would Reverse Decision to sell to Saudis

The sale, which according to sources at Boeing is valued at about $17 billion, would involve over 100 aircraft and last nearly a decade, providing insurance that Iran will continue to implement the JCPOA.

In response to a query from Al-Monitor, Boeing sent a statement acknowledging that the deal is contingent on approval from the US government, which gave the company the go-ahead to begin negotiations with Iran Air following implementation of the nuclear deal.

“We understand that the situation in the region is complicated and ever-changing,” the statement read. “Should the US government reinstate sanctions against the sale of commercial airplanes to Iranian airlines, we will cease all sales and delivery activities as required by US law.”

The statement went on to say that non-American aerospace companies are “now aggressively marketing their products and services to Iranian airlines,” including Airbus, which has a preliminary agreement to sell 118 planes to Iran for $25 billion.

The Iranian market “can go to aerospace companies in other countries, plus the jobs that go with those business opportunities — or US companies and workers can participate in what is expected to be a growing market for decades to come,” the statement read. “According to the Department of Commerce, aerospace exports support hundreds of thousands of American jobs.”

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